In Pictures: The Soon-to-Open Cairo Airport Museum Welcomes 12 Amazing New Artifacts

Via Ahram Online

According to Al Ahram, the Cairo International Airport Museum has received a set of artifacts from the Egyptian Museum and the Suez National Museum in preparation for its opening. The museum is located in Terminal 3, and it’ll be a fun and great activity for tourists who’ve just arrived or those with a longer layover.

Moemen Osman, the head of the ministry’s museums department, stated that the 12 transferred artifacts were carefully selected by the Supreme Committee for Museum Scenarios to enrich the museum exhibits.

The artifacts that were transferred include three mummies decorated with gilded cartonnage and painted scenes, a set of canopic jars, a bronze statue of a winged Isis, and sculptures from the Greek and Roman eras. According to Osman, work is also underway to establish another museum at the airport inside Terminal 2 with an area of 150 square meters.

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