In Pictures: Rania Ezzat’s Online Exhibition Calling on Visual Artists to Share Their Lockdown Self-Portraits

Via Lockdown Self Portraits

As the lockdown is slowly coming to an end and countries around the world are slowly opening up, no one can deny that it was one of the most challenging times in our lives. We all had to face different levels of stress, loneliness, and anxiety of the uncertain future. But as this period is coming to an end, we need to celebrate all the beautiful art that came out of the homes, to give us hope, and help us connect on a new level.

Cairo-based visual artist and curator Rania Ezzat is currently organizing an online exhibition on social media entitled  “Lockdown self-portrait”. “The project started early May with an open call sent to visual Artists, whether Egyptians or international artists, inviting them to send their self-portraits as artworks created during this period of lockdown.”

We’ve compiled to you some of our favorite ones, and you can check out and follow their social media pages for more!

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