In Pictures: Mostafa Zohdy Captures the Forgotten Beauty of Cairo’s Informal Settlements

Many old buildings in Cairo are often marginalized and viewed as old and ugly due to their sizes that are not very proportional, and the chaos and overpopulation surrounding them. Mostafa Zohdy, an Illustrator and architect, decided to break this stereotype by showing the world that there’s more to Cairo’s old towns and buildings than being deemed as informal settlements or abandoned slums.

Zohdy, or Zohdist as he likes to call himself, started a series of illustrations, as part of an individual project, to highlight these overlooked neighborhoods. “While they take up the majority of the built environment and often exist just around the corner of many attractions in Cairo, they are sparsely shown in commercial photos,” said Zohdy on his Instagram account.

His colorful yet realistic illustrations portray Cairo in an artistic light. Scroll down to see his work in this project. We’re super excited about this project and can’t wait to see his next illustration!

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