In Pictures: LIFE Magazine Depicts Egypt During the 1940s and It’s Incredible

LIFE Magazine was a popular weekly magazine known for the quality of its photography and its important role in contributing to the history of photojournalism and publishing. The magazine’s December 1942 issue beautifully paid tribute to the beauty of Egypt and blessed us with an amazing collection of photographs that show Cairo and Alexandria’s vibrant street life during the 1940s. Scroll down for a glimpse of Egypt through the lens of photographer Robert Landry, who shows us what it was like when it was still a place of liberal spirits and unstrained by sectarian and ethnic prejudices. A time when the rights of the men and women were sacred.

At the Gezira Sporting Club
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Alexandria, Egypt
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Faces of Egypt
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Streets of Cairo
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Cairo, Egypt
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Party at the Summit of the Great Pyramid
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The Shepheard’s Hotel
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