In Pictures: How Saudi’s National Day Was Celebrated in the Kingdom and Beyond

The nation’s 89th birthday was specially geared up for by the entertainment authority in the capital which, oversaw the wide-range activities. Performances included; an exclusive Cirque du Soleil show, over 700,000 fireworks, nation-wide concerts, and originative artistic displays in the country alone. Saudi women celebrated their new freedoms and achievements in style, posting green make up looks, symbolic jewelry and palm imprinted abayas. The kingdom’s street was decorated in green as nationals engaged in concerts, traditional performances and fireworks.

In Dubai, the tallest building in the world was lit green in honour of the national day with a firework show in the background. Saudi nationals enjoyed a four day celebration and discounts on resorts, hotels, events and city activities. Local and international celebs also took to Instagram sharing their celebration. Take a look at how the world from Dubai to Los Angeles celebrated the green occasion

WE SAID THIS: Happy 89th National Day!