In Celebration of Its Liberation Day, Here Are 10 Photos That Capture the Beauty of Sinai


Today marks one of the most important days in Egyptian history. This 25th of April is the 40th anniversary of Sinai Liberation day when Egyptian soldiers proudly recovered the holy land of Sinai from the Israeli occupation. The peninsula’s liberation began in 1982, however, the last Israeli soldiers departed from Taba and the Egyptian flag was raised in 1988.

The day is considered a national public holiday as a way to pay tribute and commemorate the souls of the lost military martyrs. And as we take a moment to honor these brave soldiers that sacrificed their lives, we need to dedicate another moment to appreciate the land they died for.

Sinai is a wonderful land that reflects nature’s beauty at its finest. With that along with its religious status and its ancient history, I personally find this day as a cornerstone in Egyptian history. Feeling lucky to call Sinai my second home, I felt obligated to share its awe-inspiring beauty with you all.

Here are some stunning photos by aspiring Egyptian photographer that reveal the mesmerizing beauty of Sinai:

Via Nour El Demerdash
Via Hana Galal
Via Mohamed A. El Gendy
Via Ahmed Hayman
Via meanderingsbylaila
Via Noor Emad
Via Curls en Route
Via Rania Shereen
Via Amr El Hadeka
Via Fouad El-Batrawi

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