Ibrahim El Kholy, First TA With Down Syndrome in Egypt

The month of October is the Down Syndrome Awareness month. During this month, it is important to understand the abilities and accomplishments of people with down syndrome. It’s also a great chance to promote acceptance and inclusion in our society. A huge stepping stone that we’d like to highlight today is that Ibrahim El Kholy became the first TA with down syndrome in an Egyptian university.

Ibrahim graduated this year with a mass communication bachelor’s degree from the Canadian University and was chosen to be hired as a Teacher Assistant. The 24-year old has a journey full of successes and challenges, with the latest achievement being the first TA ever with down syndrome in Egypt. Ibrahim’s achievements are not limited to academics, as he’s also a Tennis champion, and he’s representing Egypt in a championship in Australia.

WE SAID THIS: We’re super proud of such inclusive policies and initiatives.

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