This Beautiful Hyper-Lapse of Egypt at Night Will Blow Your Mind


We’ve seen stunning videos of Egypt by the Pyramids, its beaches, and many more, but never a hyperlapse of Om El Donya at night in all its glory. You’d think there would be nothing to look at, but oh boy, your eyes are in for a treat.


A new video just surfaced by Scenery Zone that shows a 1:55 minute video of our breathtaking Masr when the sun is away, and the moon is out to play. The video jumps from one place to another, be it Marsa Alam to Wadi Al-Rayan, Ras Shitan and more, and makes you wish you were at all of these places. The video can’t help but make us think of the legendary Fareed El-Atrash when he said “el 7ayah 7elwa, bas nefhamha.” Egypt, truly is beautiful, we just need to open our eyes sometimes to see it.



WE SAID THIS: Is it just us or the music in the video is the same one MBC 2 uses when they have commercials on?