Human Resources Technology Trends to Know in 2018 in the Middle East

By Talal Bayaa

Technology is changing the Middle East. New investment, strategies, and technology products are influencing a variety of the sectors – technology like blockchain and AI are entering businesses across the region and taking it by storm. If you want to learn more about business technology from a firm, check out, SDLC Partners for any additional information.

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One industry that’s currently going through a huge technological upheaval is Human Resources (HR). So, what are the big technology trends HR specialists and Middle Eastern businesses need to know in 2018?

Here are the trends experts are looking out for:

1 Artificial Intelligence

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AI is entering the HR industry in terms of decision-making, work processes, and customer experience. HR systems are not just for collecting data, as the analysis and management of this data are becoming more intelligent. AI systems are used to learn, adapt and act autonomously.

For HR in the Middle East, the AI systems will be deeply integrated into talent acquisition. The cognitive technologies can provide businesses with predictive algorithms and automated processes that create more transparent and efficient hiring systems. HR experts can use the information to improve applicant numbers, influencing the company culture and enhancing the candidate experience.