For Dummies: Six Simple Steps to Building a Reading Habit!

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The sight of piles and piles of old books or the scent of newly printed pages are things only bookworms truly value and appreciate. Reading is not just a hobby or a means to being more intellectual and knowledgeable; it’s a way of life. It’s like a wonderful experience that nurtures your soul and mind and the people who get to enjoy it are just too lucky. Unfortunately, others can’t get themselves to hold a book or keep their eyes fixed on the lined pages. It’s not that easy for everyone and many could easily get bored. However, if you’re trying to get into the book club and would like to start building a reading habit, the following tips are for you.

Set goals

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Since you’re a newbie and you’re prone to get bored easily, a little bit of challenge will spice things up. Set a goal to read one chapter every day, or 25 pages, or even 10. Just set a daily goal and as you keep on accomplishing things along the way it will motivate you instead of making you give up. Actually, if you stumble upon really good books, you’ll find yourself surpassing your limit because you want to know what happens next. It takes a really good author though!

Find your genre

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What are you interested in? That’s the first question you ask yourself before you start. Head to the nearest bookstore and explore your options; there are plenty of genres to choose from.

Start with easier books

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When you’re a first-timer, you shouldn’t be aiming for the bulky Dan Brown books all at once. Take it easy, tiger! Instead, pick small books with a simpler lingo and more captivating writing style. After picking your favorite genre, this should be easy.

Read in a reading-friendly environment

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Reading in the perfect environment is what will truly make you enjoy it. Pack a book when you go on vacation; the beach is one of the best reading environments. Go to your favorite coffee shop, order your regular, and pick a table and make it yours. The least you could do is find a spot in your room and turn it into a cozy reading space; maybe a beanbag, an armchair, or a rocking chair would do the trick.

Find an excuse to read

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Always carry a book with you; you never know when you have to waste some time or end up standing in a long queue. It’s better to waste that time reading than on social media. And the best time to waste with a book? When you’re traveling!

Learn that quality outweighs quantity

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You need to accept the fact that quality is way more important than the number of books you read or stack in your library. You will end up reading a lot of books anyways when you read ones that are worthwhile. It’s not a race or a competition, give yourself the time and space to actually enjoy the process of reading because a reading marathon will do you no good.

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