Huda Kattan’s Birthday Celebrations Re-defined The Word Lavish

Beauty mogul, Huda Kattan just celebrated her 38th birthday and she doesn’t even look it!

The Arab-American businesswoman is one of the most successful influencers in the beauty world today. Huda often shares glimpses of her family life with her 2.3M Instagram followers… but her birthday bash was on another level of lavish!

Lets Take A Look!

Huda’s house was turned into a flower garden – literally! Wearing her pyjamas she was pampered to the max with many special surprises.

She got two birthday cakes!

A Special Life-Size Balloon!

Her kids brought her balloons that said “Happy Birthday, Mommy”

She even got a chef to cook her birthday dinner with her family. It was a chill atmosphere and an intimate birthday. She even had a bath ready! The bathroom was filled with balloons, candles, and small notes for her to read. Check out the videos in the post below!

If you’ve ever thought you had a luxurious birthday… you’re probably mistaken.

This is what lavish looks like. It’s cosy, luxurious, full of love with the ones you love and filled to the brim with flowers.

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