How Presentail Wants to Spread Positivity Across Lebanon

There are roughly 360 million expats around the world of whom 14 million are Lebanese. Most of these Lebanese expats still have family members and friends living in Lebanon.

Having lived as expats themselves, Farah Ali Hassan and Adnan Ammache discovered a pain that Lebanese internationals suffer from, the process of buying gifts for their loved ones in Lebanon. In fact, most expats are forced to rely on a local – family or non-family member – to buy and deliver the gifts to their intended recipient. However, in late 2018, after having expressed their agreement on this issue, Ammache and Ali Hassan came up with Presentail.

Presentail is an online marketplace that enables expats to buy gifts from local shops and send them to their friends and family back home. In addition to that, it is an opportunity for local shop owners to expand their markets by serving a huge and increasing number of expats. Currently, Presentail is headquartered at Flat6Labs in Beirut having joined Beirut Digital District in 2019, with the founders acting as CEOs.

Photo: ElyssaRym [CC BY-SA 4.0]

Success for Presentail is measured by the number of smiles they make in their home-country. Today, many shops across Lebanon have put faith in this platform’s vision. However, Presentail’s plan is to also grow and one day be able to have the same impact on other countries in the region.

WE SAID THIS: Buying gifts for your loved ones back in Lebanon has just become so much easier!