How Mazadat is Revolutionizing The Used Products Market Amid Economic Crisis

The idea of purchasing secondhand products has become increasingly popular during the current global economic crisis; offering a more efficient way to spend money. As we ventured through Techne Summit, a global multi-industry investment and entrepreneurship event, we spotted an e-commerce platform where you can buy and sell used products at various prices.

Whether it is tech products or furniture, Mazadat will enable you to sell or buy directly with ease. Also, it enables you to sell for the highest possible price as well as participate in an online auction to bid on the products you demand. The platform has been running for almost a year and a half, according to their sales staff, Sara, Adham, Makeen and Ezz who we got the chance to chat with.

The platform seeks to ease transactions between consumers who are prepared to sell their possessions without necessarily wanting to interact with other buyers or sellers directly. To make the experience even more convenient for a variety of customers, they also provide an app that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

We can definitely say that Mazadat is a unique idea in that it allows users to inspect their purchases for a period of two days before the payment transaction is completed whether they were purchased through an auction or straight-forward between a seller and a buyer.

So if you’re looking to save a couple of Egyptian pounds on a phone or a laptop, you better check Mazadat for a great price and most importantly a great product.

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