How Emirati Heritage Is Being Celebrated At This Year’s Al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi

In an attempt to learn about the culture and gain a deep understanding of the UAE’s history, we are turning the spotlight on the annual festive celebration that positions the Emirates heritage as the ‘star’ of the day: Al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi.

In its 2024 edition, taking place in Al Hosn (and ending soon on January 28th), it’s just wise to hurry up and head to the festival if you’re all in for celebrating the UAE heritage or want to learn more about it.

To make things easier on your end, we’ve created a simplified guide to help you navigate the festival’s three main zones: Heritage Zone, Craft Zone, and Community Zone.

The Star: Heritage Zone

Just like being in a time-travel movie, you step back in time and experience all the traditional vibes that inspire you with the ‘Connecting to the Ancestors’ feeling.

‘Immerse’ yourself into UAE culture through these sensory experiences and activities:

  • Desert: The desert is Arabs’ first passion and only haven. By exploring the Desert (maybe through a safari), you can see how and why our ancestors fell in love with those golden sandy dunes.
  • Qasr El Hosn: If you’re into falconry and want to experience its UAE roots through workshops and activities in a place where history is the lead, don’t miss visiting Qasr El Hosn.
  • Al Freej: Curious about that sensory experience in souks and villages? Al Freej is for you, where you’ll indulge in the sight, scent, and sound of our ancestors.
  • Camel Ezba: Similar to the Desert, the Camel Ezba is where you’ll learn all about camels, the animal that played a major role in UAE’s tradition.

That’s just a drop in the bucket. When it comes to heritage, you can enjoy the Police Station, Souk Al Sough, The Kitchen: Harees Edition, and more.

Via Abu Dhabi Culture

Go Artistic: Crafts Zone

Art enthusiasts, whether you’re a collector or a hands-on artist, this is where you’ll thrive. Here are some spots that you may like to visit:

  • House of Artisans: Boasting a vast collection of art pieces and products that speak about history, it’s the House of Artisans. Nurture your background and learn about the different techniques used to create these crafts. You can also roll up your sleeves and join a workshop.
  • Family Workshops: If you’re willing to live a special experience with your family, you’ll find your safe haven here.
  • Makers Space: This is Emirati Homes Edition, where you’ll know the difference between the past and the present when it comes to home and lifestyle pillars.

There’s still more to find in the Crafts Zone, so check out the guide here.

Via Abu Dhabi Culture

Connect With Today: Community Zone

Explore unique experiences that showcase all the advancements happening in today’s world of UAE, and what our future would look like.

From food experiences that capture the diverse flavors of UAE food and international cuisine to shopping and music experiences at the Corniche and Falaj, prepare yourself to indulge in ‘today’ while experiencing the nostalgic vibes of ‘yesterday.’

Via Abu Dhabi Culture

Wrapping Up

If you’re a history buff, this festival is a gem. And since its finish line is approaching really soon, we suggest you call up your friends to join in on the fun and maybe live an experience that will bring you back to earlier times. Check out this website to book your tickets now.