These Horses Hold Some of the Most Expensive Price Tags in the Gulf

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Horse racing is very popular in the gulf, especially in the UAE. Hence, the fierce stallions are quite appreciated over there. So when it comes to royalty, it’s not shocking when they pay generous amounts for these precious horses. Here are some of the most expensive horses ever owned in the region.

Shamardal – $2.9 million

Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, paid this hefty amount back in 2014 for Shamardal, a racing horse.

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Plavius – $9.2 million

This horse owned by the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates was too pricy for his achievements. His career record included two wins, three places and two shows only.

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Snaafi Dancer – $10.2 million

This one was quite disappointing for its buyer Aston Upthorpe Stud, a breeding company owned by the Emir of Dubai. Having fertility problems, Snaafi Dancer was useless when it came to breeding. As for racing, he was considered far too slow to actually race.

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Meydan City – $11.7 million

This horse owned by Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Maktoum is one of the most expensive, yet it’s one of the most disappointing when it comes to its racing career. Meydan City managed to win its first race after seven attempts.


Shareef Dancer – $40 million

Shareef Dancer was bought by Emir of Dubai for $40 million in 1983. It’s considered one of the most successful in its career as a sire, earning more than $2 million.

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