HM Queen Rania Shows The World What a Royal Family’s Iftar Table Looks Like

Last night, her majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan showed us the royal family’s iftar table and how it’s not actually that different from our regular family iftar tables. The simplest of acts like having a meal with your family in Ramadan become ten times more special during the holy month of Ramadan.

It was seen in a video yesterday which was posted by Queen Rania herself! it featured all of the royal family coming together in the dining room for iftar. The five million followers watched the family dressed casually and break their fast together by having a humble iftar in their living room.

Via: Pinterest

Her Majesty captioned the moment with “Wonderful to have the whole family together for Iftar”.

After the call to prayer was heard in the video clip, it shows how his Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan broke his fast with water and dates. And how Prince Hashem and his siblings were helping their mother in setting up the table. All the members took their seats around the table, Queen Rania is seen serving food for her husband, King Abdullah and the children who then proceed to eat together.

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