Here’s Why Twitter Is Divided Over Wegz’s Latest Song, El Bakht!

As Wegz released his latest track ElBakht, a heated debate found its way to Twitter, which sounds at first glance like a fanbase exaggerated defensive reactions to the critics targeting their idol, but as you dive deeper into the debate you can see much more to it.

Yet before we swim into the sharks’ bay AKA Twitter, let’s recount some important facts about Wegz so we have a better understanding of the argument we are sneaking into.

Wegz started his music career in 2018 unintentionally, when he posted singing videos for fun but within three years he managed to make a giant fanbase at the age of 24, repeatedly breaking Youtube record views.

Having his own distinguished style which mixes rap beats with a very local tongue, local backgrounds, and choreographies, he managed to make a brand that does not resemble anything or anyone else. Considering himself a voice-over artist rather than a singer, he explains the way he drops the lyrics as how he would say these exact words in a real situation with real dynamics.


One of Wegz’s first and biggest hits was “Dorak Gai” which was released in 2020 and has more than 85 million views on Youtube at the time of writing this article.

Stating that he is still discovering his artistic identity, Wegz said that he might drop tracks far from the rap style that could surprise his fans. Which happened with his latest track ElBakht, which reached Egypt’s first trend, as posted by Rap Scene Twitter account in the above tweet. Causing not just a surprise but a very polarized and heated debate on social media.

ElBakht On Repeat Or Are You Not Normal?

Since the release day and the praising tweets that kept flooding, the track has been playing on repeat on so many people’s playlists. As Laila asks in the above tweet: “Wagozaa on repeat or are you not normal?”

The track hits a soft spot in so many hearts turning it into a mood as Marwa posted in the above tweet.

The lyrics related quickly to a generation’s concept of love, loyalty, and romance.

They even found relationship goals within the very simple yet relatable lyrics.

Fan designs popped out to express love and support to Wegz and his track.

As Doody Latif says in this tweet: “The track is telling you that you will not be able to move on.” Can you sense how the track created a smart sense of relatability with the audience? They can relate easily to the simple lyrics that managed to describe some very complex feelings they have.

A Quick Recipe To Make The Trend At The Comfort Of Your Home

Walid’s tweet says that it is the first time he listened to Wegz and used a heart emoji to tell us that he just fell in love with him. While reciting a line from the track lyrics to maybe express how much this specific line deeply touched him.

Yara says that she loved Wegz singing, she loved him acting, she loved the way he talks and expresses himself in interviews. Yara is a big fan apparently.

These tweets reveal a very simple recipe to a successful artist in the new era: talent, charisma and well-made art, reliability, and simplicity. Wegz has got all the ingredients and he knows how to cook.

We recommend this insightful video of El-moraga’a el-neha’aya which analyzed the current tension between the old music scene and the Modern Rap and Mahragan music scene. But what matters to us in this article is what Hady Basiony said about Wegz in his video, he said that Wegz is talented, smart and each step he takes is well planned, and we agree with Hady.

Did Huda El-Mufti break out Katkout?

Since the track dropped, this hot theory has kept circulating on Twitter, is Wegz singing about Huda El-Mufti?

Social media finds new proof of the popular theory every day, people started to see old pictures of Wegz and Huda together and interpret them in a new way.

Other tweets made fun of how Huda El-Mufti took the trend of the track on a gold platter, as Marwa posted here.

As much as this gossip is fun and exciting and we would love to be a part of the gossip society on any given day yet we find this specific gossip very personal and the more we talk about it, the more we may cause some kind of harm to some people. So we will just drop this one right here and right now and continue talking about the track itself.

Gendy was one of the major people against Wegz’s music, but ElBakhat managed to make a big fan of him. Yet this is not how the track hits everybody.

Hassan thinks that the youth’s fascination with Wegz’s lyrics makes him feel that they never listened to songs before in what might be a declaration of his dislike of Wegz music and his fans’ wave.

Ahmed believes that nothing Wegz made ever has an artistic value; he does not like him and he discards him as a singer and a rapper, describing his music production as poor.

The Prince here thinks Elbakht has only one line that is worthy and the rest of the song to him is not good at all.

ElBakht sparks a debate between two generations

The Green Dream states that people in their 40s like him, and those who are 10 years younger can’t understand that there is a younger generation who loves Wegz and his music.

Egyptian actor and musician, Mohamed Attia argue that the 80s and 90s born generations are dealing with Wegz with the artistic analysis of a past era, warning them from turning into Helmy Bakr without knowing, which is a hint to Bakr’s disapproval of the music Attia’s generation was making. Helmy Bakr is somehow a radical Egyptian music critic.

Attia continues: “Wegz is talented within his generation’s concept of art, and the older generations are old now, that they might not be able to relate anymore.”

Attia adds in the above tweet that he is so content with Wegz’s success and that we should be happy when we see someone who is really talented and his success comes from hard work, not an imposter or someone who achieved success by chance.

Being born in the 90s, which year exactly is confidential, I can relate to what Attia said about the older generation’s reactions to Elbakht, we were raised on very different music styles and that is why we might not understand Rap, Trap, Diss, and Mahraganat, but we should always respect the audience because they are the makers of the music scene and they are the makers of the new music taste.

Even if I can’t relate to Elbakht or I do not understand it, I do not have to like it, but I have to admit that it achieved remarkable success and the huge audience scale that stands behind Wegz and his music brand will always support his success. The music scene in Egypt and the Middle East is changing drastically whether we liked it or not.

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