here’s why Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is an ideal Option to Save Time and Money

One of the things we have gotten accustomed to throughout multiple lockdowns, quarantine, and the strange new world of work from home is spending less time on our personal appearance. Staying inside and not seeing anyone for months on end will do just that to a person. While the world comes out of hibernation and people are considering vacations again, we’re faced with the age-old question of, to shave or not to shave? No one wants to be caught at a tropical beach or cruise ship poolside in a swimsuit without first dealing with the overgrowth. Brazilian laser hair removal is the answer; you can lose the hair and still spend less time worrying about it!

The trouble with the traditional method

Hair removal has been the bane of existence for women for years, and now more and more men are facing the same problem. Shaving is the most traditional method for getting rid of stubborn unwanted hair. Still, it comes with a plethora of problems. Shaving is difficult; there are hard-to-reach areas, and often something gets missed.

Shaving also tends to be more likely to cause ingrown hairs than other methods, leaving the skin with painful red bumps that can easily get infected.

Usually, the next step up the hair removal ladder is waxing or sugaring. Both of these treatments pull the hair out by the root rather than cutting it like a razor. Only professionals should perform Brazilian waxes, which means going in regularly for the procedure.

Some people consider waxing painful, but more often, clients who wax are annoyed that it only lasts for about three weeks. For waxing to be most effective, the hair needs to be about a quarter of an inch long for removal, so there is always an awkward stage to tolerate as well. 

A growing desire for something more

There is a currently an increasing demand for better solutions to hair removal than shaving or waxing. Laser hair removal is the best solution currently available. When done correctly with a qualified professional, it’s as close to permanent hair removal as it gets.

How laser hair removal works

Technology is incredible, and laser hair removal is the result of some pretty exciting technology. The lasers are designed to target specifically the melanin or pigment of the hair. The laser emits a light that is absorbed by that pigment in the hair and heats it, destroying the hair at the root. It doesn’t damage the skin in the process.

The higher the contrast of the hair and the skin, the more effective the results will be. For example, dark hair on fair porcelain skin will get the most potent and most effective laser hair removal treatments.

That doesn’t mean they’re ineffective on hair with less contrast. However, they are usually less effective immediately and may require more treatments and maintenance.

Blonde and gray hair, however, are considered incompatible with laser treatments currently. This is because gray results from a lack of pigmentation, and blonde hair has too small an amount of pigmentation.

Another thing to know is that tattoos are also incompatible with laser hair removal, as their pigmentation also attracts the laser.

The benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal

Laser hair removal helps prevent most of the problems associated with shaving, including ingrown hairs, razor burns, and rashes. Though you likely won’t be able to quit shaving entirely, you won’t need to shave nearly as often once your laser treatments are complete.

The process aims to come as close to a permanent hair removal solution as we can technologically provide right now. By destroying the hair at the follicle, it takes a significantly longer time to grow back. It often grows back finer and lighter in color.

Time, investments, and pain levels

Most people don’t consider laser hair removal exceptionally painful. Often clients liken it to being snapped with a rubber band. Most think that it’s no worse than a Brazilian wax. However, occasionally the laser treatments can cause temporary skin irritation, leaving it tender. A Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is likely to be more painful than laser leg hair removal due to the sensitivity level of the skin.

One of the reasons that people are turning to laser treatments is the time investment difference. Although you will have to go in for multiple sessions, those sessions don’t take very long. Usually, the laser technician will spend between 5-15 minutes with a client per treatment, often less time than it takes to get a Brazilian wax.

After every session, the successfully destroyed hair will shed out, leaving you with less and less hair each time you get a treatment.

Everyone’s body cycles hair growth a little differently. You can expect to go in for anywhere between 6-12 treatment sessions in total. The number of treatments helps ensure that each hair is reached during its beginning stages of growth when it will be most effective. Once you’ve finished your sessions, you will see a significant decrease in the amount of hair you have in the pelvic region.

In between treatments, you can continue to shave; most providers suggest that you shave 24 hours before your subsequent laser treatment to ensure the best results.

Overall though, laser treatments can be pricy. The investment tends to be worth it for most clients. For one, the cost of waxing every couple of weeks begins to add up over time. You will likely only have to go back in for maintenance treatments with laser treatments, and for some, this can be as little as once every two years.

Not quite permanent, but close

Most people who opt for Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are happy with the overall results. Though it may cost a little more upfront, you’re saving cash and, more importantly, in our busy world these days, time. And though it doesn’t provide a completely permanent solution to getting rid of the hair in the Brazilian zone, it is as close as you can get!

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