Here Are Some Heroines From the Region to Celebrate International Women’s Day!

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The 8th of March marks a very important day in our lives; the International Women’s Day! Women all over the world are doing their best to survive and prove themselves in the patriarchal and male-dominated world.

Women from the Middle East are faced with even more obstacles that make their lives harder and more challenging. That’s why it’s a must to celebrate the International Women’s Day and highlight the women around us who go the extra mile to survive in our world. Here are some stories from heroines from around the region that you need to know all about!

Yara Yassin

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Yara Yassin is the founder of the lifestyle brand and social enterprise, Up-Fuse. A brand that promotes a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle by designing and producing environmentally and socially responsible products that support local communities in Egypt.

Radwa Moussa

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Radwa Moussa is the author of Zein – A Tale of Darkness and Light, and the mother behind Zeinvolution! Her son was diagnosed with high-risk stage 4 neuroblastoma in 2013, and she’s fighting a huge battle with cancer since then; giving hope and inspiring millions around her!

Jomana Haddad

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The Lebanese Jomana Haddad is one of the most powerful authors, public speakers, and women’s rights activists in the Arab World. In 2009, she was named one of the 39 most interesting Arab Writers under the age of 39!

Ranim El Welily


The Egyptian Squash Player was the first athlete in the history of Egypt and the Arab World to top a world ranking in any game, and the former world champion is currently ranked number one!

Hayat Sindi

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Saudi Doctor, Hayat Sindi is a visiting scholar at Harvard University and is the co-founder of ‘Diagnostics For All’. That’s a non-profit organization devoted to offering a low-cost and simple point-of-care diagnostics tool for developing countries, especially those who live rurally and don’t have easy access to hospitals and medical facilities.

Samia Jaheen

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Samia Jaheen is collecting, recording, and performing folk stories for children at different venues with her project, Dil-Hekaya!

Buthaina Al-Ansari

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Buthaina Al-Ansari is the founder of a company that helps Qatari women gain access into the workforce called Qatariat. She was named one of the 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in 2012 and 2013 by Arab Business magazine.

WE SAID THIS:  Take a moment to wish the women around you a very happy International Women’s Day!