Here Are 4 Reasons Why the Powerful Karma Task Will Help You

Karma! The word reminds you of your bad doings. Do you fear that one day you will receive the karmic bill for these acts? But at the word karma we also think about our own destiny. Is it the phases of life that you yourself describe as the darkest times or as unhappiness? If karma is responsible, hardly anyone will want to concern with the karma task. Nobody suspects anything good behind an unfortunate fate. But karma hides a higher meaning, even if it is not apparent at first glance. Learn the four reasons a karma task is good for you.

Repressed life issues

The things that cause a guilty conscience are easily forgotten. They are simply being pushed aside. And in the best case scenario, you never think about it again in your life. But when karma becomes active, this old topic could become topical. The shameful things of the past then reappear and demand an answer from you. For those experiencing this, it can be a negative experience. Especially when emotions play a role. Have you cheated or lied to someone? Or did you fail your best friend? Shame and a guilty conscience sound the alarm. It is almost unimaginable what is good about such a situation.

But the karma is a task for you. It tells you to look and answer a question. Have you forgiven this act yourself? Did you ask your friend’s forgiveness? When the karma becomes active and brings out your repressed life issues, your own pain is felt first. But if you work on this assignment, you will later find out that it was a good thing. Because your guilty conscience no longer exists. You are now at peace with yourself and your actions. And maybe you have also reflected that you acted wrongly and will act differently in the future.

Become independent after the death of a partner

It is a tragic event for one who has lost a loved one. During the time of mourning, the bereaved cannot imagine that this loss hides a higher meaning. A karma could be hidden behind it. And if you solve this karma task, even death at the end of days will have a positive effect on you. It can be that a few years must pass before one is able to see any meaning in the loss. 

Maybe you haven’t made your own decisions in a lifetime. Your partner had to make the decisions for you. You were grateful for that. But now your partner is no longer alive. You are forced to take your life into your own hands. What at first seems like a Herculean task slowly becomes your destiny. Because you have not only become more independent now. You have also gained in self-esteem and are no longer afraid to make decisions.

Expose your own lies

You say that you are happy. Is that true? When a karma task awaits you that aims to expose your own lies, it can be a painful process. Because our own lies should serve to prevent us from realizing our true feelings.

Maybe because they are just too painful. But also pride, the ego or fears prevent us from perceiving the real feelings. When the karma task forces you to concern with your own lies, a karma cleansing process is set in motion. Because then you will be able to admit your weaknesses. And you are able to remove the things from your life that do not belong to you at all. In the end, you may have let go of a lot of things, but you also realized that you never needed them. Those who expose their own lies and live with their truths in the future can be happier and more satisfied than ever before in their life.

Give and receive emotions

Karma can also keep your parents from loving you. You could take the experience of childhood with you into your adult life. Now the karma task unfolds in full magnitude. Because it doesn’t work in your relationships. Maybe your partner calls you freezing cold. Or you cling to your partner so that they feel constricted. However the karma is expressed, your emotions are out of balance. So if you always have bad luck in relationships and stay alone, it is time to work on this karma. You then become aware of the higher sense of this karma when you realize that you are in a loving partnership. Now the emotions are balanced and you are finally happy.

How to dissolve your Karma task

Dissolving karma is the desire of many people. The understanding is also there relatively quickly when you hear why the karmic task is working. But when it comes to dissolving karma, do you reach your limits? Karma resolution is not a walk or something you can do on my weekend. Because the ways to resolve karma are varied and sometimes difficult.

In some cases, karma dissolution can take many years. And some only manage to dissolve parts of the effective aspect. But that’s not bad, it’s part of the process. Because some karma tasks are so big and burdened that one life is not enough to solve them.

Karma resolution – Can someone do this for me?

Maybe there is someone somewhere in the universe who can resolve your karma for you. But I don’t know anyone here on our planet who I trust to have this ability. The reason is simple. The karma task is meant for you and therefore only you can solve this task. Because it is a universal task that is ready for you and your soul.

What do I do if I want to dissolve my karma task?

There are providers who promise to dissolve your karma task. Rather, this is about the spiritual teacher helping you with this process. He supports you in reflecting on and understanding things. This is an important point. In the end, the karma resolution is not as difficult as we think. But the way to get there can be tough and cost you a lot of energy. Because we have to rise above many karma traps. These include:

• Dealing with repressed topics

• Going through deep emotional pain

• Facing your own weaknesses and deficits

• Allowing feelings or letting go of emotions

• Extending your own tolerance

• Forgiving

• Looking into your own abyss

• Allowing new truths, insights, and wisdom

• Unmasking old “truths” as deception

Dissolving karma – a mega task?

It seems like it is a mega-task to dissolve the karma. But sometimes you don’t need as much as you think. In many cases it is enough to understand the background of the karma. The rest then practically runs by itself. But there are also difficult topics that need more time to work on. This is the case when the karmic issue may have been around for a few decades.

But contrary to the popular belief that we only have one (big?) Karma issue, this is often not the case. We have some smaller karma tasks and maybe one or two big karma jobs. That is of course completely different. Because not every soul has to carry the same package. “Old” souls are those who have incarnated many times and could have an advantage. Because they have already acquired a certain wisdom and hardly stumble over the little karma traps.

The karma dissolution and the karma traps – What is it?

Of course, when I use the term karma trap, it is not a real trap that the universe is setting for you. They are small exams that may sometimes be so inconspicuous, but still contain a Karma job.


Let’s assume that you seem to have acquired the wisdom that family is most important to you. And you’ve set yourself the goal of giving this family a new priority. Before, you cared more about work and your money. It’s different now! You have resolved to do this because you want to resolve this karmic aspect.

At first, everything goes exactly as you planned. Your family is happy that you made this change of heart. But then the call comes from the colleague who offers you to take over a job for him. You are assured that it will not take long and be done quickly. It’s just a small thing that pays well too …

We immediately see what the karma trap is. You let yourself be tempted by the money and no longer think about the fact that you have set yourself other priorities. If you get involved, you could find yourself back in a system that you recently escaped from. Always remember: your soul knows these karma tasks. And she knows you very well! Nobody can fool you like your own soul. Because it is a test that you are going to be subjected to.

The karma expert and his role in karma dissolution

If you work with a karma expert oder spiritual teacher, they will help you in solving your karmic problem. It is important that you don’t just think about doing differently in the future. You also need to understand why it is good to act differently. Because the new consciousness wants to move into your life and anchor itself there. The karma expert can support you in solving the necessary emotional hurdles. Reducing the ego can also be helpful when it comes to a karmic task.

Karma dissolution is about reflection, knowledge and wisdom. Once you have succeeded in doing this, you no longer need to think about every action. And with that you avoid the karma traps. You can also resolve old karma issues and tasks. The karma expert (Karma Auflösung, Hellseher, Wahrsager) will help you to clear the traps of karma dissolution.

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