Facebook Under Attack: Palestine Supporters Spam Facebook’s Reviews

With everything going on regarding the current violence taking place in Palestine, social media has been fighting too. Currently, millions of people have been protesting the killing and the fighting taking place there, and millions of Jews are protesting in multiple countries the unjustified murder and loss, making it clear that Judaism is not equivalent to Zionism. However, Facebook got caught up in the middle.

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Facebook, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp, have been stating their own opinions on this case as well. Lately, a FB page named Jerusalem Prayer Team that supports the Israeli cause surfaced, and has received 76 million likes. People who oppose Israel have reported the page and un-liked it. As a result, Facebook was forced to remove the page due to the number of reports it received.

فيس بوك عمل صفحة دعم لليهود وأضاف عليها أكتر من ٧٦ مليون إعجاب، يعني انت ممكن تكون عمرك ماشوفت الصفحة دي وتلاقي نفسك أو…

Posted by Seif Elmosalamy on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Facebook is under attack

Furthermore, posts, pictures, and videos about the current events taking place in Palestine, both supporting Palestine and protesting against the Israeli forces, were removed. Thus, people started to notice a bias towards Israel, stating that Facebook is violating their right to freedom of speech, and are protesting against the platform.

App Store

Arabs and supporters of Palestine have raided the App Store and Play Store. They’ve given Facebook reviews that saw a massive drop on the App Store go from 4.9 down to 1.5. Reviews that rated FB with one star have been a lot higher than all other rates combined together for FB on the App Store. Social media users have expressed their opinion on the matter, saying that FB has been suppressing the freedom of Arabs on their platform.

Play Store

On the Play Store for Android users, the rate plunged from 4.9, to 2.6 stars, and similar to the App Store, the ratings of one star have been significantly higher than all other ratings combined.

Via Play Store.

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