Head Lice for Sale in Dubai

Via Emirates 247
Via Emirates 247
Via Emirates 247


The UAE authorities warned beauty salons from selling head lice which are being strongly marketed under the pretext of it being good for hair lengthening. A fine of Dhs 2000 is issued for salons that sell head lice, and it is subject to increase if the salon insists on repeating this act.


Beauty salons have developed the habit of raising head lice with the help of the hair that gets cut off from their customers. They put the lice in boxes and sell them to women – who are increasing by the day as they believe that this method could actually grow their hair longer. A single lice could make up to Dhs 14.


Dermatologists have warned women from buying it as having these insects wander in one’s hair could cause a great deal of misery, such as skin diseases that couldn’t be recovered from on the short run.



WE SAID THIS: Head-lice are bad for you, people!