HBO Documents 19-Year-Old Case of Adnan Syed Who Went From High School Prom Prince to a Murder Convict

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HBO just announced its intentions to further investigate the case of Adnan Syed with its brand new docu-series. After the three year success of Serial, the podcast that allowed the case to garner public attention, HBO decided to give the mystery one more shot.

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The four-hour docu-series, The Case Against Adnan Syed, has been in production since 2015. It investigates the case of Hae Min Lee, Syed’s ex-girlfriend who was found dead a month after her disappearance in Baltimore’s Leakin Park. Syed, her high school sweetheart was convicted at the age of 18, now 38, and is now awaiting his retrial. Hae had moved to the US from South Korea six years prior to her death, while Syed was born to Muslim parents who had migrated from Pakistan.

Syed may be getting another chance with this retrial after his former attorney, Christina Gutierrez, let him down. Her performance and judgment were so poor to the extent that she has overseen a potential witness. Asia McClain, one of their colleagues, claimed a possible alibi for Syed. However, Gutierrez failed to pursue her for questioning.

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HBO hasn’t announced an official release date yet, however, the network has promised revealing new discoveries and groundbreaking revelations. The docu-series will feature interviews with Syed himself, his attorneys, family, friends, old teachers, and anyone related to the case.

WE SAID THIS: We hope that anyone proved to be guilty would be brought to justice.