Has Fayrouz Become One of the Most Relatable Brands to the Younger Generations?

Gen Z or millennial, you probably have had it worse than older generations. It’s true, that our socio-economic woes are unprecedented, but, at the end of the day, it is what it is, we’re not complaining. Believe it or not, we’re even optimistic about it, trying to find our footing, craft our own journey, and be part of something real. One ad campaign that has been resonating with young people recently is that of Fayrouz, the only flavored malt beverage with original malt in the Egyptian market, and the best Pineapple-flavored beverage in the country, according to this writer.

Their latest series of ads, simply put, is genius. Communicating with younger generations in a way no other big brand has ever dared to do, Fayrouz has stayed true to its witty persona and stuck to its colors of aspiration and distinctiveness.

The ads, in impeccable cinematography, showcase a number of everyday situations wherein younger people become more aware of the state of the world we live in, and how nowadays nothing feels real. Whether it’s business or personal, nobody shows their true colors anymore, and that is both scary and sad.

Fayrouz navigates a series of situations and highlights the contrast between the facade and the truth. The purpose of these storylines is to show how as young people grow into adulthood, not everything is as it seems. In today’s times, a handful of things can be referred to as real, and Fayrouz strives to be one.

Their slogan “Now You Know” is more of a play-on-words than a tagline, quite on-brand of Fayrouz, as they tell their young audience: “now that you know the truth behind life, you also know that Fayrouz is about being real.”

Indeed, this brand is all about naturalness. What you get with them is the real deal, and they’re transparent about it; no malt extracts, no artificial flavors as it is a smooth, delicately-balanced blend of natural malt and exciting fruit flavors with fine carbonation, making it a healthier alternative to many other soft drinks.

The ad is quite relatable to younger generations, and that’s why it’s being talked about left, right, and center across all relevant social media platforms. It took us all by surprise when it first aired, but since then, despite being cynical, it has been a constant inspiration for young adults to come to terms with appreciating what is real and natural.

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