Has Asser Yassin Won 2020?

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There is no doubt that 2020 was a very challenging year. Everyone was optimistic about the year and had major plans to start the decade. The COVID-19 pandemic among other challenges made sure that 2020 will be a roller coaster of emotions for everyone. To some, however, 2020 wasn’t that bad. Some people made wise business decisions that took them to the next level, others worked on themselves and changed their whole lifestyle in a good way, and others were lucky and achieved some of their goals and dreams in this challenging year. It could be argued that one of the absolute winners of 2020 was the Egyptian superstar Asser Yassin!

This is in no way a claim that Asser Yassin achieved superstar status in 2020, he’s been already there for years. However, this year, he definitely took things to the next level! Luck can get you somewhere but raising the bar that high can only come with talent, hard work, and dedication.

Here are some of the reasons why 2020 was Asser Yassin’s year! To begin with, his comedy series B100 Wesh went on to be the most popular series this Ramadan race, and people are still using its jokes until this very day, the song is still played in every single event, and people literally cannot wait for the movies sequel that is scheduled to come out.

Secondly, Asser’s latest movie Saheb El Maqam that came out on Shahid is a blockbuster, by all means. In a year that was very cruel for the movie industry, the movie garnered immense attention and success, and got thousands of new subscribers to the online streaming platform! And this wasn’t the only push that the superstar did to the platform this year, as his series with Menna Shalaby, Fe Kol Esboo3 Youm Gom3a, was one of the main reasons that people started subscribing to the platform.

Moreover, he didn’t only secure the hottest movie and series of the year, he arguably secured the hottest ad as well! Asser’s Vodafone ad went extremely viral and caught everyone’s attention just hours of its release in a purely organic way.

Among hundreds of artists and superstars that appeared during the fourth edition of El Gouna Film Festival, Asser made several headlines and captured the attention of the masses for acing the most elegant suits and for looking amazing beside his cute family on the red carpet. Last but not least, he ended the year on a high note, participating in one of the best episodes of the ongoing weekly series Nemra Etneen, alongside Arwa Gouda and Cynthia Khalifeh.

These projects added too much to the Egyptian superstar and are taking him straight to the legendary status, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for one of our favorite celebrities.

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