Hala Sedky Just Smoke-Shamed Women Who Like Shisha

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Smoking is one of the worst and most addictive habits ever. Whether its shisha or cigarettes, one is better off without having ever heard of them. Unfortunately, smoking has become the norm in Middle Eastern social events, and everyone is trying to get things under control.


Just recently, a group of young Egyptians started a social media campaign with the hashtag #Ermeha (throw it) to help and encourage smokers to quit, while raising more awareness about its side effects. While you might think you’re actually spending your shisha time bonding with your smoking buddy, you are in fact inhaling toxins that are detrimental to your system.



While our main concern when it comes to smoking is its side effects, it has been an issue for Arab females to be caught smoking to begin with — a woman is looked upon differently than men if she gets caught with a cigarette between her fingers. Some men even joke and claim when Arab women want to smoke but don’t want to be seen with a cigarette, they go for shisha instead; which leaves them looking vulgar.


Basically, you get slut-shamed if you choose cigarettes or shisha. Arab women can’t just simply like nicotine without social implications. But here is where things get worse…it seems that not only men think shishas leave women looking masculine.


Egyptian actress and TV host at dmc show ElSafira 3aziza, Hala Sedky, had some pretty harsh words for women who like to smoke. While Sedky explained that both sexes should refrain from smoking, she also reminded us that women are neither considered classy or feminine when spotted with a shisha.



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