Grandeur & Wonder: Art d’Egypte’s International Exhibition is Heading to the Pyramids

Starting from October 21st until November 7th this year, Art d’Egypte’s Exhibition will be coming to the Pyramids of Giza! The exhibition is coming with one goal in mind: combining the art of the past with contemporary Egyptian art, and Art d’Egypte’s unification with international artists for the exhibition is definitely the proper way to go down in history.

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Art d’Egypte was founded by Nadine Abdel Ghaffar in 2016 as an attempt at Egyptian arts. The firm’s team revolves around art enthusiasts and experts, and offers art consultations to corporations, institutions, and private collectors. As time went by, the team developed meaningful collaborations locally, regionally, and internationally, supporting and uniting artists from all over the world, and giving them a platform to have their art displayed.

The annual art exhibitions:

Eternal Light, Egyptian Museum

The first art exhibition to ever be organized in the Egyptian Museum. In Oct 2017, people witnessed the works of 16 Egyptian contemporary artists, showcasing the juxtaposition between pharaonic art and modern art.

Nothing Vanishes, Everything Transforms, Manial Palace

Another art exhibition was hosted at a historical site in Egypt. From October 28th until Nov 27th in 2018, 28 Egyptian contemporary artists had their works showcased at the Manial Palace. It was yet another thing to muse at, with the royal and culture-rich designs placed alongside modern art.

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Imagined Narrative, al-Mu’izz Street in Historic Cairo

The third annual art exhibition took place on October 26th, 2019 for three weeks, where 28 contemporary Egyptian artists participated. It was the best of both worlds, with modern art and historical architecture being showcased across four locations in Al-Mu’izz Street.

Forever Is Now, The Pyramids of Giza

2021’s event is the first international art exhibition to be held at the Giza Pyramids. The event is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Patronage of UNESCO. The time has finally come for Art d’Egypte to officiate the goal of collaborating culturally and globally by holding an international exhibition.

In addition to two Egyptian artists: Moataz Nasr and Sherin Guirgui, Russian artist Alexander Ponomarev will be participating in Forever is Now, as well as Gisela Colón from America, João Trevisan from Brazil, Lorenzo Quinn from Italy, JR from France, Shuster + Moseley from the UK, and Prince Sultan bin Fahad from Saudi Arabia. “Now that we have invited the international art community to exhibit, we have combined Egypt’s creativity with global creativity. Forever Is Now is greatly enriched by the inclusion of these international talents,” said Nadine Abdel Ghaffar.

Each artist will have their own space to showcase their work in the desert plateau, or as Abdel Ghaffar described it, “each artwork in itself is like a separate project.” Whether or not the attendees will be more focused on the beauty and grandeur of the pyramids instead of the art pieces exhibited has been a matter of concern, further adding to the challenges of this event, whilst still serving as a one-of-a-kind exhibition.

“It only made sense that our next exhibition is at the grandest of all Egyptian heritage sites, the last standing of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Pyramids of Giza, and its surrounding plateau,” Abdel Ghaffar told The National.

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