Golden Tongued Mummies Uncovered At Egypt’s Quweisna Necropolis

During excavations at Egypt’s Menoufia governate, archeologists working under the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities came across what can only be described as golden tongued mummies. The discovery was made at the Quweisna necropolis, a burial site containing tombs that date back to different time periods including the ancient Egyptian, Ptolemaic as well as the Greco-Roman period.

Mustafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities stated that the mummies that they discovered were in poor state, probably the result of looting. Along with these golden tongued mummies, the archaeologists were also able to find several skeletons covered in gold and buried within wooden coffins as well as potteries and tools used in the mummification process.

The Story Behind The Golden Tongues

During the time of ancient Egypt, rulers would decorate and embellish their masks as well as several of their body parts including their toes in gold because to them it is considered a material that will last them till the afterlife. When it comes to the golden tongues of the discovered mummies, the reason behind their existence is said to be related to the afterlife.

In Egyptian mythology, it is believed that once an individual dies they would come back to life during the afterlife to be judged by Osiris, God of the underworld. An archaeological expert by the name of Bahaa Al-Nagar stated that “the tongues were made of gold to ensure the deceased would be able to speak in the afterlife” specifically to Osiris and that is what made them special.

Other Cool Discoveries At Quweisna’s Necropolis

Quweisna necropolis is considered one of the most important archaeological sites along the Nile Delta. Other than being home to hundreds of tombs and mummies, it is also considered a necropolis for many sacred birds. With it being archaeologically significant, its has been the site of several excavations that resulted in many important discoveries. During the past missions, archaeologists were able to uncover a large collection of tombs, mummies, coffins, and sarcophagi which included an anthropoid sarcophagus for one of the senior priests of Atribis.

So far this year has seen some of the most interesting discoveries across multiple locations in Egypt including the miracle tunnel that may bring archaeologists closer to finding Cleopatra’s tomb. With 2023 in the horizon, there is still so much to uncover and bring us closer to the rich history and civilization of ancient Egypt.

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