A Geometric Miracle Uncovered While In Search Of Cleopatra’s Tomb

Underneath the temple of the ancient city of Egypt’s Taposiris Magna, archeologists worked hard in search of the tomb of the legendary Cleopatra. During their extensive excavation, they ended up stumbling upon a massive tunnel dubbed the “Geometric Miracle.” This large structure was found 13 meters below the surface of the earth and ended up generating a newfound spark toward unraveling its story and formation.

Leading this excavation was Kathleen Martinez, an archaeologist at the University of Santo Domingo who has been in search of Cleopatra’s tomb for over two decades. Her discovery of the tunnel is considered a pivotal breakthrough in bringing her a step closer to finding Cleopatra’s tomb. During an interview with National Geographic, Martinez expressed how there is a one percent chance that the tunnel might guide her to the infamous tomb as she also found burial shafts containing Greco-Roman burials, so to her, this may mean that Cleopatra and Mark Anthony may have been placed in similar tombs.

When it comes to the tunnel itself, this special structure dates back to the Ptolemaic period (304 BC to 30 BC), a time when Egypt was under the rule of kings that were descendants of one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Standing 2-meters tall, it is said that to create this tunnel a staggering 1,305 meters of sandstone were hacked through, requiring extensive effort and labor. As the archaeologists explored its interiors, they also discovered that a part of the tunnel was submerged under the Mediterranean water but what made this structure truly miraculous is how it continued to exist even after withstanding several earthquakes over many years.

The “Geometric Miracle” is not the only fascinating discovery made by the team of archaeologists as they have previously uncovered coins engraved with the faces of Cleopatra and Alexander the Great in addition to beheaded statues that included statues of the goddess Isis. It’s almost becoming a norm where discoveries are made left and right, with just yesterday, 100 mummies and a special pyramid were found near King Tut’s tomb.

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