Going Mental: 5 Helpful Resources For Those Suffering From Psychological Trauma After the Beirut Blast

For several years, the Lebanese people have been suffering from traumas due to the ongoing political and economic destructions and unrest. However, due to the current situation in Lebanon, the number of people suffering from trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has drastically increased, given what they’re expected to cope and deal with, from destroyed houses and workplaces to poor medical care and an economy drowning in debt.

To alleviate this suffering, mental health professionals inside and outside Lebanon, are offering remote and virtual therapy sessions to the people in Lebanon. If you feel like you need to speak to a professional to help you get better, we’ve compiled a few resources that you can reach out to.

Jess Semaan

Based in Oakland, Jessica Semaan is an artist and psychotherapist in-training who is offering free psychotherapy sessions via Zoom for those affected by the explosion.

The Healing Well

Rosie Abdallah, a certified therapist in Energy, Healing, and Hypnotherapy, is offering to listen and speak to anyone struggling with their mental state as a result of the explosion.

Beirut Support Group

This is a support group that was born out of the Beirut explosion. It offers tips and advice and ways you can cope with stress, anxiety, and anger, and encourages people to share their experiences to feel better. More so, they’re offering a live Instagram session with Clinical and School Psychologist, Nour Salem, for parents and families who are having a hard time supporting their children.

Solidarity with Beirut

A group of Tunisian and Lebanese women residing in Tunisia, launched an independent initiative to support Lebanon at this time. They’re also offering remote psychological care and therapy sessions by psychologists at Psychologues du Monde.

OpenIDEO Beirut Chapter

This community has created an online consultation service, Care for Beirut, offering free doctor consultations and mental health support. If you’re a doctor, sign up and assist your fellow teams on ground, and help the people who currently need it the most.

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