Going International: Extreme Creations by Bahraini Artist Ammar Basheir

Ammar Basheir is a Bahraini artist that has delved into the creation of interiors and space designs. Throughout the past decade of his career, Basheir has carved out a niche for himself as the go-to designer of atmospheric spaces for some of the Gulf’s most tasteful audiences and successfully managed to build a multi-million dollar business solely relying on his unique talent in extreme creations.

He perceives design as a powerful tool to bridge cultures and expose audiences from different backgrounds to the Bahraini craftsmanship. At the beginning of his career, Basheir used to travel with Sheikha Mai where she challenged him to grow as a designer and helped him to come up with original ideas that can meet the highest standards.

“She taught me that anything is possible, and most importantly not to only think outside the box, because there shouldn’t be one in the first place.”

Ammar Basheir
During The Nutty Prince Installation in London in the Four Season Park Lane
Via Ammar Basheir
Kalila Wa Dumna, Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities
Via Ammar Basheir

As you can see, the majority of Basheir’s projects and elements of designs stem from Bahranian taste, which he then proudly ships to different destinations as a form of advocating diversity and cultural diplomacy. And finally, thanks to his talent in creating magnificent interiors for prized clients all over the world, he has frankly set the bar high for other designers in our region.

A private event in Khober
Via Ammar Basheir

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