Get Ready to Set Sail with Saudi Arabia’s New Cruise Line AROYA

Hitting the open sea is Saudi Arabia’s very own cruise line called AROYA. It is a newly launched cruise line that is planned to explore the Kingdom from the sea. Saudi citizens, foreign residents and visitors from other countries will get the chance to discover the Kingdom, its natural wonders and the areas around it through sea voyages.

More than 1.3 million guests are expected to have boarded the cruise line by 2035. This is all part of Saudi’s ambitious plan for the Kingdom to have its own cruise line, in line with Saudi’s ongoing Vision 2030.

When it comes to its name, AROYA is derived from the words “Arabian” and “roya”, which means vision or dream. That is what the cruise line will embody, an immersive journey of a dream-like cruise for all the passengers who will hit the high seas.

With it being a new project, its itinerary and packages are still under development and will be announced during the commercial launch of the cruise line that will be held in the coming months so be sure to stay tuned.

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