Get Ready To Dance It Out This Valentine’s With The Ultimate Singles-Only Playlist

Valentine’s day is the one day of the entire year when sappy, romantic music will be streaming out from every shop and restaurant you enter or accompany you on your morning commute to work. It is considered the most romantic day of the entire year but when it comes to the single folk, it’s just like any other regular day.

That is why we thought it would be fun to curate a playlist made specially for the single people out there, the kind of singles-only playlist that will replace the overtly saccharine hits of Elissa and Asala with bold, fun and playful hits that will give you the ultimate confidence boost…reminding you that you can get out there and buy your own flowers.

Mahragan – Amr Diab

You can’t have any playlist without including pop sensation Amr Diab into the mix. We all know and love him for his swoon worthy and romantic songs but with it being a singles-only playlist, we decided to go for a more apt number dubbed “Mahragan”, a song all about moving on and throwing a party to wave away an old relationship. Its catchy and fun, the kind of song to dance to with your friends on a relaxed Friday night.

Sa’af – Ramy Gamal

Oozing with positivity and good vibes is Ramy Gamal’s hit “Sa’af”, a song all about looking at the bright side of life and clapping your worries away. Its music video is also really fun to watch as its filled with a star-studded slew of guest appearances including Essad Youniss, Hisham Abbas and Shaimaa Saif.

Hafla – Nawal El Zoghbi

Going through a recent breakup? Not to worry, Nawal El Zoghbi’s has got you covered with her latest hit where the singer is telling her listeners that all is good and that someone better is out there for them…plenty of fish in the sea. Dancing it out among women donned in elegant white dresses, Zoghbi’s music video exudes a catchy tune that will make you want to get up and dance all your worries away.

El Youm El Helw Dah – Ahmed Saad

Its title alone says it all, “Oh What a Great Day!” is Ahmed Saad’s cheerful number all about celebrating your day and the people around you. Ever since the song was released as part of the soundtrack for the 2022 flick “Your Uncle” starring Mohammed Imam and Huda El Mufti it has become an infectious hit played in weddings, parties and occasions across the country.

Single – Sharmoofers

Quirky, fun and whimsical as usual, Sharmoofers have done it again with their hilarious song “Single” about a guy who literally wants to be single. It will definitely make for a good laugh while also keeping you equally entertained.

Alby Plastic – Ruby

Bringing something new to the fold is Ruby’s Alby Plastic, a song all about how she’s badass and is happy to have ended her relationship with her ex. Its a celebration of ending a relationship that had no future or hope and with its catchy tune, it will have you dancing it out just like Ruby.

Mabahenelhash – Moustafa Hagag

More on the serious side, Moustafa Hagag’s “Mabahenelhash” ballad hits everyone hard with its lyrics aimed at lifting anyone who is going through a breakup. Its a song about letting go and moving on, sprinkled with lyrics like “Her love is a story that I do not need”, so listen and get ready to move on.

Mish Melahez Haga – Ramy Gamal & Nariman

Its time for a fun duet with the likes of Nariman and Ramy Gamal belting out the ultimate singles ballad “Mish Melahez Haga”, a song directed at all the exes out there. The entire song is a literal slap in the face at one’s ex: “haven’t you noticed how I’ve never looked better after leaving you” or “life got so much sweeter without you” so it will be sure to give you that confidence boost you’ve been craving.

Baheb Ashar – Ahmed Zaeem

Time to once again get yourself in the party mood with Ahmed Zaeem’s “Baheb Ashar”, a song all about having a good time and not having to worry about the drama of a relationship. Its upbeat and has got a catchy tune that will have you dancing it out in your living room.

Bizzemmetak – Myriam Fares

Time to let it all out, all your frustrations and annoyance with that ex of yours that got you fueled up and agitated by listening to Myriam Fares’ “Bizzemmtak”. Fares gives her ex the ultimate run for his money by slaying him with her sharp lyrics accompanied by a infectious tune. We’d recommend putting on some sunglasses, getting in your car and blasting this song out for the entire world to hear.

With this playlist, you’ve got everything from the infectious tune of Ruby’s “Alby Plastic” to the playful and hilarious “Single” by the Sharmoofers. It’s the kind of playlist that caters to every mood and the best part about it is that it is a far cry from the usual sappy, romantic feel of a typical Valentine’s day song. So let’s get your single on!

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