Generations: A Scoop Of Gen. Z’s Parenting

By Mohamed Karrem

Every generation has trouble with the one that follows. They are always mocking their ways of living, such as the style of their outfits, taste in music, and even their way of talking. Unfortunately, Gen. Z’ers receive a lot of criticism among other generations, which actually makes perfect sense. When you are born in a globalized world and the Internet has raised you, you are going to be different enough to get mocked on almost every single behavior or attribute. Therefore, the fragile parenting style can’t be neglected because it has a huge impact on Gen Z’s life.

Via Medium

End of Generation X’s printer

“Gen. X is raising Gen. Z to look like them: autonomous, cynical, with looser reins,” said Corey Seemiller, a professor at Ohio’s Wright State University. It’s hard to tell, but Gen. Z’s skepticism was instilled in them by their Gen. X parents. Generation Z is also more financially educated at a much younger age than previous generations, lessons likely inspired by their Gen. X  parents, many of whom grew savvier when they had their careers derailed by the recession in Egypt. Therefore, Generation Z members tend to be more independent and entrepreneurial. They are self-motivated to seek answers to questions, and they know how to find those answers.

Past generations have been globally aware, but Gen. Z is globally-minded. Their digitally integrated world isn’t hindered by geographic or political barriers as they converse with friends and followers from around the world on social media.

Gen. Z family

Here’s a quick brief on the current scene in Egyptian houses. If it’s three members within a family with teenagers from Gen. Z, that won’t cause problems for the family or the Gen. Z’er at all. As a matter of fact, communication will be very little; You’ll find the teenager most of the time in his/her room surrounded by screens, or hanging out with their cherry-picked friends. In contrast, if it’s a family with too many Gen. Z’ers, “anxious” won’t be enough to describe the feeling. No one can stand more than a couple of days in a house full of too many arguments about independence, conflicts of interest, fights on who gets to use the mobile charger, loud voices, and unreasonable laughter.


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