Generations: A Scoop of Gen. Z’s Education

By Mohamed Karrem

Generation Z has just enrolled in college and about to graduate to join the workforce. So, do you think they are ready for it? 

Gen Zers are disrupting the way of learning in higher education but these disagreements go beyond a greater addiction to technology. Today’s students protest to learn passively, they aren’t those students who simply show up for classes, attend a lecture, and take notes to study for an exam later on. Instead, they require to be completely engaged and to be a part of the learning process themselves. Therefore, as a digital generation, Gen Zers require digital learning methodologies to be deeply integrated into their education.

Pros and cons of the digital native education

No one in Generation Z has any memory of life without a screen. They display symptoms of emotional distress when kept away from their personal electronic devices, and no one can blame them. They’ve grown up with screens in every room of their house. So, being a digital native requires different means of education as a reason for Gen Z’s changing behavior. They are losing their focus easily, they count on short visual bursts to absorb information, spend too much time on their multitasked devices and have transformed it into a multitasking skill, and they will spend minimal efforts when it comes to searching for new information. 

Gen Zers’ self-learners are conquering the virtual world 

Interestingly, Gen Z is revolutionizing the educational system in many forms. The Internet has provided a new platform for Generation Z to share different types of knowledge with many of the self-learners in several countries without ever leaving the comfort of their own bed. You can give it a try and search for any subject or course that you want to learn about, and you will be surprised by the number of online courses on Youtube, neglecting the presence of the online courses academies.

You can tell that this generation builds up their own college. A free college just like them, a college that will assist you to study whatever you want, and attend whenever you want. It needs to be mentioned that self-learning has created a new industry with a new title because you might be familiar with the “Influencer” and the “Online Tutor”. Their personal brand is seen as more important; successful YouTubers and social media influencers have shown that the right image can be a key to success.

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