Gaza in Need: How to take action with the Egyptian Red Crescent

Here we are again. With the death toll of Palestinian lives now about to cross over 200, including more than 50 children and more than 30 women, the tragic and raging violence continues to plunder Palestinians. Protests have sweeped the globe, with marches taking place in several states in the USA, including California, Florida, New York, and more, as well as stretching across the Atlantic to Spain, England, and other nations. There is no end in sight as of yet, as the IDF forces continue to carry out their air strikes relentlessly, and those on the ground are left to fend for themselves. The massive show of solidarity has been uplifting, the chants have been earth-shattering, and the NGOs have been working round-the-clock in delivering aid for those trapped within the open-air prison, Gaza.

In addition to taking action, the Egyptian Red Crescent has been ramping up its efforts in delivering food, medical supplies, and other necessities to our neighboring Palestinians. Over 1,000 Egyptian doctors have already volunteered to treat those injured in Palestine, and the unified efforts of volunteers are now more urgent than ever. In order to donate, follow the below steps and links, and rest assured, your help will get to where it needs to be:

  • For online donations, click here.
  • Send a picture of the transfer confirmation, and keep in mind that all current donations will be directed to Palestine aid.
  • Send your name, address, mobile number, the amount, and you will be contacted within a few hours.
  • For text message donations, send a text message writing ‘Palestine’ or ‘Gaza’ from any mobile phone to 9770. This text can be sent in either English or Arabic, and the message’s value is five Egyptian pounds.
  • For immediate donations, here are the details: Code 99981, Bank of Cairo: Account No. 8384/501/30, CIB: Account No. 911111
  • Here is the Instagram link

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