From Palestine for Palestine: Mohamed Hadid, Farah Nabulsi, and More Join Hands to Celebrate Jerusalem

World-renowned celebrities from all over Palestine, got together in a joint message to celebrate the eternal city of Jerusalem.

“Why do we love Jerusalem?”, the opening of the video reads in English, French, Russian, and Spanish. The black-and-white short clip features real-estate tycoon Mohamed Hadid, BAFTA-winning filmmaker Farah Nabulsi, famous mountaineer Mostafa Salameh, as well as actors Yasmine Al Massri, Eyas Younis, and more. All in all, the video features 17 of Palestine’s most well-known names relaying a message of love and appreciation to Jerusalem.

Each of these Palestinian celebrities stated their reasons of why they love Jerusalem, and it ranged from smell and cuisine to people and diversity.

“O Jerusalem, we love you!  Palestinian Personalities from around the world share their message of love and solidarity for Jerusalem. A message of Unity, love and hope for justice and peace for all. Seventeen Palestinians from different backgrounds get together in a simple message of love to Jerusalem. Actors, artists, musicians, chefs, journalists, sportswomen and men, unite their voices for the love of this historic city,” the caption of the video reads.

Palestine is suffering, and its celebrities got together to remind everyone why their country is special, and why we should reminisce and hold on to these thoughts in such dark times.

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