This Is What ‘Game of Thrones’ Would Be Like with Fifi Abdou

According to the latest Watch and Listen magazine poll, HBO’s popular series Game of Thrones is now considered to be the Greatest Show in the History of Television. No one can argue with that! But, you know what’s better than Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones with Fifi Abdou!


Which is why we’ve re-imagined everyone’s favorite TV show with a Westeros (and Essos) that is completely made up of Fifi Abdou. Game of Fifi is basically every character from the epic show…improved.


You know nothing ya Fifi


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The night is dark and full of eshtat, 3asalat, fullat


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Fifi as Olenna Tyrell is #QueenGoals


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Eskooz me? Hodor eh da!!!


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Our sun and stars fe3lan!!!


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That “Shame” scene would never had happened if Fifi was Cersei


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El bent di has no name


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Dracarys? More like khamsa emwah!


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This is a great insight into how HBO can make its tv show more interesting in the future. Ya rab yesma3o kalamna!


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