Fundraising For Gaza In The Heart Of NYC: What We Know So Far About The Benefit Concert

The new year is just around the corner, and while everyone is planning their holiday, Palestinians in Gaza are fighting for the bare minimum essentials of life like food, clean water, and adequate healthcare. There is a growing need to remember Gazans in prayers, as well as in doing efforts to relief the escalating crisis.

Spurring from this concern, a group of several artists have gathered momentum since the beginning of current war on Gaza. Artists like Muhammed Al Kurd the Palestinian writer and poet, Ramy Youssef the Egyptian American comedian, Clairo, Omar Apollo, Stormzy, 070 Shake, Charlotte Day Wilson, and American rapper 6black have announced to join a benefit concert to raise funds to Gaza and Sudan, aiming for relieving the humanitarian crisis at both regions.

The concert that will take place in New Jersey, New York on January 4 when the new year is kicking off. Rapper-poet Mustafa who spearheaded the event said in a statement on his Instagram account “We worked tirelessly to bring this to you, but our fatigue is not even a splinter of what we’ll be singing for.”

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