From Yasmine Kenawi to Osama Chabbi: Arab Stylists Making Waves In The Fashion Arena

Nowadays, fashion and styling are more than just the clothes, it is considered a language and an identity. It is a statement and a form of self-expression. From boho-chic to red carpet ready, style can tell you a lot about the person. Surely when it comes to style, there is no one style fits all. Yet, stylists from the region have been giving us exceptional talent when it comes to alternative styles that have been speaking to many. We bring you a list of stylists for the next time you’re ready to make a statement.

Sarah Isa

Born in Montreal, the Moroccan national Sarah Isa is a sensational fashion icon based in Dubai. Sarah is your go-to stylist if you are a lover of street style. She has styled fashion icons in the region such as Ola Farhat to Rania Fawaz. Having worked in vintage shops in Los Angeles Sarah draws inspiration from the good old days. Her styles give us 90’s chick flick vibes with the low waist skirts, a good button-down and trusty pair of jeans. Isa’s retro style is much sought after especially with the 90s fashion trends that are making a trendy reappearance. An admirer of 90s trends? Sarah’s ensembles will surely transform you back in time.

Osama Chabbi

Osama Chabbi is a fashion commentator and stylist known for being bold and assertive with a pinch of witty. If you don’t follow him on Instagram you are missing out on his cheeky yet honest reviews. A Tunisian national born in France, and based in Dubai, Chabbi works as a private stylist at Farfetch. With an impressive portfolio, he has worked on various editorials with fashion brands Nike, Bvlgari and has expressed his love and loyalty for Prada. Chabis’ extensive knowledge and work with luxury brands makes him your go-to if you are looking to spice up your wardrobe.

Dressed by Taya

At only 21, Taya Bakhoum’s styling journey has begun at a young age. Taya is a certified fashion stylist from the London College of fashion and she majored in Fashion Business, Communication and New Media at the Instituto Marangoni in Milan. Living between Cairo and Milan, Taya has managed to work with several international and local brands from Okhtein to Kojak. Her portfolio is impressive while working on Editorial shoots from Vogue Arabia to Flair Magazine. Taya’s style is a combination of elegance and power. Her target is the average girl who wants to feel empowered and confident. We love to see how through her work she embraces the feminine aura whilst highlighting the power of the female through bold statement pieces like blazers considered a power suit.

Yasmine Kenawi

Yasmine Kenawi is a celebrity and editorial stylist based in Cairo, Egypt. She has worked on editorial shoots for prestigious magazines including Vogue Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Elle Arabia. After studying in New York and going to fashion week, Kenawi came back to Egypt and worked with renowned designers such as Okhtein. Her extensive knowledge and experience in editorial work has set her aside and opened a door for her to become the go-to celebrity stylist. Kenawi is the woman behind many of your favourite red carpet looks for local celebrities like actresses Huda El Mufti, Asmaa Galal and Cynthia Khalifa. Kenawi’s style is not limited to one realm, her ensembles perfectly portray the elegance of her client. If you are looking to be polished and feel like a star for a special occasion, Kenawi is your go-to girl.

Mariam El Kholy

Rising stylist Mariam El Kholy has started her styling journey back in 2017. Mariam’s style is anything but boring, she doesn’t shy away from bold colors and playing around with shapes and forms. As soon as you open her Instagram page it feels like you are transformed into a color wheel. Having worked with a wide range of up-and-coming local brands such as Reemami and Meera Adnan, El Kholy is your access to all things regional. Whether you are soft and laid back or looking to spice things up her eclectic style suits all.

Tamima Karim El Narsh

Tamima Karim El Narsh‘s styling aesthetic has been in the fashion scene for a while now. From bold color selections to her billowy and comfortable fabrics, El Narsh makes her customers stand out through their diverse outfits. The Fashion & Commercial Stylist, Art/ Creative Director & Producer is definitely a multi-hyphenate, to say the least; when she’s not transforming a client with a fabulous look, she’s photographing them. The next time you’re looking to dress a little casual but still rock an edge, look no further than to Narsh for tips and tricks.

Farah el Sayed

With an eclectic yet precise style, Farah el Sayed is the stylist behind celebrities’ looks for ads like Coca-Cola or Carina campaigns. El Sayed’s fashion aesthetic ranges from sharp and geometric to whimsical and colorful. These two lines blur through power suits that rely on patterns such as stripes with bold, neon colors. A stylist that assembles looks that cater to highlighting and extenuating the female form, not shy away; el Sayed is definitely one to watch.

Mai Galal

Mai Galal is a celebrity stylist and fashion consultant. While she might chiefly be known by many as the woman behind putting together Mona Zaki’s head-turning looks, she is so much more than that. Not only has she styled icons like Egyptian actress Yossra but she’s the creative mind behind many of the incredible looks at big events. From The Golden Pharaohs Parade, where she not only created the costumes but styled the actors and presenters; a true jack of all trades. The creative also was the one behind Orange’s latest colorful Ramadan ad mainly due to its fashion. Galal’s recent project is dressing up Ahmed Helmy and Ruby for their eid film which just recently came out in theaters, “Wahed Tany” (Another One).

Yasmine Eissa

From doing Vogue cover shoots to red carpet looks, Yasmine Eissa is one diverse and driven fashion stylist. Her title and talents don’t end here; she is also a media and screen fashion costume designer. Recently Eissa has wowed us with actress Saba Mubarak’s looks on the Ramadan show, “Suits” where she made Arab women want to become lawyers. Currently, the stylist has everyone wanting to be Huda el Mufti as she struts down the streets of France in attendance of the Cannes Film Festival, wearing tiny sunglasses and cute librarian chic dresses. We hope to take a ride on whatever train Al-Mufti was on if it’s going to get us looking that sleek.

Ahmed Serour

Ahmed Serour is a rising stylist and designer. Serour first caught our eyes with his collection for London Fashion Week, which he had done for his graduation project from the renowned London College of Fashion. Through his work, Serour has become known for constantly challenging Egyptian cultural norms and upcycling trash to couture. His collection, NonEgyBoi included cultural references and has channeled Egyptian kitsch thus gaining attention from the fashion world. Serour established himself as a stylist and managed to work with celebrities such as Salma Abu Deif and designers like Kojak. He also managed to work on fashion editorials with prestigious magazines such as Vogue Arabia and Grail Magazine.

There you have it, ten fashion stylists that are bound to add a little something extra to your wardrobe.

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