From Skinny Jeans to Social Media, How Growing Up Was Different for the Two Trendiest Generations

Every generation is affected by the environment and age they grew up in. Since Millennials grew up in the ’90s and Generation Zoomers (Gen Z) grew up in the 2000s, they’re very different. The difference between those two decades is online shopping, Google search, social media, the widespread of laptops, iPhones and fashion. Oh, the fashion. Let’s take a deep dive into the differences between Millennials and Gen Zs growing up.

TV VS YouTube

Millennials grew up watching Space Toon, MBC3 and Nickelodeon on TV. Watching Tom & Jerry and Captain Magid were top-tier forms of entertainment. Meanwhile, Gen Z is watching YouTube and navigating the website at the age of four!

Libraries VS Google

Millennials growing up went to libraries and read books to learn things or even entertain themselves. Of course, almost all Millennials read Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse Magazines. Actually, they still do go to libraries, as there are studies that show that Millennials are the most frequent visitors to libraries! On the other hand, Gen Zs use Google and social media to look up things, whether it’s something educational, entertaining or even a pizza place! Additionally, they even Google things differently from Millennials.

Marbles VS TikTok

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Millennials used to play outside games like, hide and seek, dodgeball and marbles! The legendary game, marbles, is a Middle Eastern game as much as it is Korean —if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, Gen Zs are entertaining themselves by making Tiktok videos. Videos where they’re lipsynching, showing off today’s fit, and where they even make fun of themselves!


it’s me, i’m ✨gen z✨ 😭

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Skinny Pants VS Baggy Pants

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In the 2000s, flared pants were the craze, then came skinny pants and stayed for a while. Skinny pants were okay until Gen Z canceled them and replaced them with baggy and wide-leg pants. There was a whole debate all over social media about what’s cool and what’s not when it comes to pants, and it seems that Millenials are losing.

Missed Calls Vs Texts

Back in the day, Millenials used to call their friends for the period of two to three rings, then hang up. Finding a missed call from a loved one on your very tiny, black and white phone was a way to feel remembered. Nowadays, Gen Zs just text each other on many platforms, sometimes simultaneously!

Fashun VS Fashion

The internet’s way to make fun of how Millennials dressed in their teen days is to call it, fashun. Obviously, the intentional misspelling is to highlight how dysfunctional Millennials dressed in the 2000s. Here’s a little preview:

@imallpanicnodisco #early2000s #fashion #outfit #2000s ♬ original sound – SAB

Meanwhile, Gen Zs are walking supermodels. They dress up well all the time, everywhere, jumping on all fashion trends. They can match colors, to be honest.

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Overall, Millenials and Gen Zs have very different takes on life, having been raised by different generations and different ages! Here’s a final sample:

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