Modern, Antique, and Everything in Between, Here Are The 10 Most Picturesque Properties in the ME

The Middle East is a region where beauty, culture, and legacy come together to create an extraordinary setting unlike any other place in the world. The allure of the Middle Eastern countries, with their stunning locations, is priceless and frequently overlooked. So we thought it’s time we shine a light on these breathtaking properties.

Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab – UAE

The Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab hotel, inspired by a super-yacht design, will open in 2023 and will be located beside the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The Jumeirah group is attempting to provide luxury and experiences that have never been experienced before! It will be yet another prominent feature of Dubai’s skyline.

Colorful Mud Homes – Saudi Arabia

These are the kinds of houses you’ll find in Saudi Arabia’s Asir Province. Due to the difficult climate, Saudis have decided to build their homes of mud and incorporate colorful patterns that instantly bring joy to the heart!

The Berber Cave – Tunisia

This incredible cave, which was used in the Star Wars film series, is located in the Tunisian town of Matmata. To keep its people secure and cool, this cave was dug into a massive man-made hole in the ground.

Nubian Houses – Egypt

The Nubian houses, once known as the “Oasis of Color in the Egyptian Desert,” use vivid and colorful patterns to distinguish themselves from other residences in the Arab World.

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Dar Al Hajar – Yemen

During the 1930s, the vacation residence of a Yemeni Imam was known as “The Rock Palace.” This house, however, was later converted into a museum. With the logic-defying architectural design, this magnificent structure was built on top of and around a large boulder.

Airplane House – Lebanon

A town named Miziara, located in the farthest reaches of Lebanon, is known for its distinctive and breath-taking architectural designs. Maybe, this is why this house looks like an Airbus A380!

Beehive Houses – Syria

The Beehive houses of Syria, made of mud, straw, and stone, were the simplest way to keep people cool during the hot desert summers. In addition, these houses were not very unusual when they were built thousands of years ago, but changes in architecture and their contemporary rarity have turned them into something extraordinary.

The Dome – Tunisia

Tunisia’s desert introduced this Igloo home, which has been used in numerous Star Wars films and is a well-known location for filming science fiction films due to its wonderful surroundings and architecture.

The Chedi Muscat – Oman

This magnificent hotel is made up of various structures that are spread out over large gardens. The hotel’s center-piece is a 12-meter-high tented lobby that resembles a massive Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert. The reception area is designed to seem like an Omani fort. The interior designs are simple and contemporary.

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Villa Z – Casablanca, Morocco

This is a design by the outstanding Moroccan designer Mohamed Amine Siana, who aims to defy convention and create something truly unique that connects the origins of Casablanca’s gorgeous metropolis. In addition, there is a hint to the future, with the goal of reshaping Casablanca’s urban identity.

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