From Japanese to Hollywood Superstars: International Movie Celebs That Have Blessed Our Egyptian Screens

Occasionally, throughout the history of Egyptian movies, diversity in stories with fresh controversial topics in different eras, and most importantly, with an outstanding varied casting, have made it to the big screen. The best kind of diversity is when films feature international actors, cementing a unique storytelling perspective, and gives it a universal vibe with different languages spoken, as well as contributions of renowned actors. For instance, when Ahmed Malek was cast in The Furnace, it attracted a large Arab audience, and international actors in Egyptian movies attract a large international audience. To see what we mean, scroll down below to see a list of Egyptian movies featuring international actors in them. Some may surprise you!

Cosimo Fusco in ‘Harb Atalia’

Cosimo is an Italian actor. He played an Italian mafia member in ‘Harb Atalia,’ along with Ahmed El Sakka, making an appearance in multiple scenes. If you don’t recognize Fusco, even though he’s been in multiple action movies, you might know him from the famous sitcom, ‘Friends.’ Cosimo played a character in the first season named Paolo, who was Rachel’s crush (Jennifer Aniston).

Selami Sahin in ‘The Dealer’

Selami Sahin is a Turkish musician of Arabic descent. He participated in ‘The Dealer,’ a movie starring Ahmed El Sakka, and Khaled El Nabawy. Aside from being a musician and singer, his role in the Egyptian film would be the last movie he would star in.

Via Medya Kulesi

Scott Adkins in ‘No Surrender’

Scott Adkins is an English actor, gymnast, and martial artist, who mainly stars in action movies. Famous in Hollywood for his movie, ‘Boyka: Undisputed,’ Adkins made an appearance in Egyptian cinema as well. He acted in ‘No Surrender,’ alongside Amir Karara and Ahmed El Sakka, and pulled off some amazing fight scenes. There are several images of them training for the action scenes, and here’s one for now!

Via Al Jarida

Cate Blanchett In ‘Kaboria’

Kaboria is a movie about a boxer, starring Ahmed Zaki. Cate Blanchett, on the other hand, an Australian Academy Award winner, just played an extra during this movie. Back at that time, she had been living in Egypt, and was in need of money, so she was able to land a small role and pay her rent. She hasn’t seen the movie until now, but who would have thought one of the leading actresses in Hollywood starred with Ahmed Zaki!

Yûjirô Ishihara in ‘On The Banks Of The Nile’

This is an Egyptian-Japanese film made in 1963, starring Shadia and Japanese actor, Yûjirô Ishihara. The film is shot mostly in Egypt, Tokyo, and Paris, and features Arabic and Japanese speakers. It was an international film, screening from Egypt, all the way to Japan!

Brent Mendenhall In ‘Malesh Ehna Benetbahdel’

Brent Medenhall is an actor and an impressionist of George W. Bush, due to the shocking resemblance between the two. Brent participates in this movie with Ahmed Adam, playing…you guessed it, George W. Bush. He has also played Bush in multiple other films, including ‘Braking for Whales.’

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