From Faouzia to Zeyne: 8 Middle Eastern Singers You Should Add To Your Playlists

In honor of women’s history month, and with every media outlet mentioning women from all walks of life and fields of work representing the women and their region. Here’s a list of female recording artists representing the ladies of the MENA region. 

Mona Haydar 

A Syrian-American rapper doing the heavy lifting of a Muslim women’s crown while staying on beat. Her debut single “Wrap my Hijab” back in 2017 took the internet and the media by storm. 

And still, 5 years later, she is still spitting bars about all that matters like calling out toxic masculinity, talking about mental health and body positivity. Basically just representing our diverse MENA region without leaving anyone out. 

Rotana Tarabzouni

An Arabian princess and a fighter in her own right, this Saudi singer causes a lot of controversy with every single she drops like a bomb on societal norms and strict traditions. Starting off strong with her debut single in 2017 called “Daddy” where she calls out the patriarchal society with the simplest of lines, denouncing the control of a male figure and reclaiming her right to fight back with the question throughout the chorus “ What you gonna do daddy?” 

Fast forward to mid-2021 with her latest single “Twelve” a deeply personal song about growing up and growing apart from one old self in the journey to find one’s true self.



A stand-out, the Palestinian-Canadian singer-songwriter is a true gem. Starting her internet fame, posting looks inspired by all she loves like TV shows. Always finding a way to integrate her Hijab in the whole look so the creativity is there from the beginning. Her music career took off with her debut single “What if I took it off for you?” detailing her experience with a modeling agency that basically exploited her for representing Hijabi women and then not compensating her work at all. 

She is on a roll with release after release up until March 12 with her latest single “I’m not gonna kill you” from her debut EP “Eleven archers.”


This Palestinian-Chilean TikTok star is a remedy to the ears and eyes, just one look and you’re captivated, just one listen and you’re hooked. Started her music career three years ago by posting covers of famous Arabic and English pop songs, sometimes even mashing both languages together. Her sound is very angelic and addictive. The numbers are showing that with over 60 million views on YouTube alone. Her mix of music is all the hype all over the social media platforms. 


One of the most popular on the list. This Moroccan-Canadian managed to pursue a career in music while still getting through college. A multi-talented musician and vocalist playing various instruments and with a wide range of soaring vocals. One of her many achievements is a duet with non-other than John Legend. She started her career also posting covers and her vocals were an instant hit with viewers. One of her first many hits was “This Mountain” and the ultimate charter “Born without a Heart.” Her career is showing no stopping with new releases, collaborations, and stage performances all over the world. 


 Egyptian queen of the game Perrie from Cairo. One of the few, if not only female rappers in Egypt that made it big in the scene. With only two years since joining YouTube and collaborations with many of the biggest names of the new school like Lil Baba and Abyusif. She gained over a million views. Her style in rap is edgy and in your face but still feminine and coy. She is one strong and loud femme fetal and she’s not showing any signs of stopping. 


This Moroccan hip-hop artist is changing the music scene. Joined YouTube in 2017 and up until now she has over 100 million views. Her debut single “Khelouni” shows her true colors and sets the tone for her types of rap, blunt and aggressive. ILY takes you by surprise because of her beauty. 


This Jordanian-Palestinian singer/songwriter is an angel on earth. With airy vocals and a face of a beauty queen, she is the moment. Her career is just starting, only joined YouTube in the middle of last year, and had released her debut around the same time. Her unique take on Arabic music makes it a special sound that is both delectable and addictive. Her latest song “Atoul” is in Arabic but sonically falls in the R&B genre. And her ethereal cover of “Bala wala shie” is what dreams are made of.

These ladies are doing their job and more representing the women of the MENA region in the music industry and they deserve all our support, hope they make your list for when you’re looking for a new ear-worm! 

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