From Earth To Fire – Elements of Life Takes you Through all Kinds of Emotions With CamelPhat

Music – be it electronic or any other genre – has an intangible way of connecting people to each other. There are emotions you feel at certain points of a track, high or lows, that emerge from certain sounds, and then and there you think, “this is it, this is my moment.”

For the first time in Egypt, the platinum award winning duo CamelPhat are gracing us at the sands of El Gouna, marking a new moment, different than any other you’ve experienced before.

The English DJ and production duo consists of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala. Best known for the 2017 single “Cola,” their deep house music has never once failed to reach the feels of its listeners. Their stunning sets have always had a unique vibrance to them, as they carry a soulful energy that does indeed do the job of stunning its crowd. Their music will take you through many different emotions, each one experienced entirely different than the other, but through a beautiful journey with each and every one.

Inspired by the literal elements of life – water, fire, earth, and air, this is how the company got its title. After a difficult period of time marked by an unknown virus, now more than ever, is the time to celebrate life to the fullest, and in all its rawest forms. And it is through these four components, that Elements of Life strives to give you that experience.

Earth is an essential component in meditating and coming back to reality, and in our event, the now means being face to face with CamelPhat while they turn the venue upside down. Water, on another hand, unites people together, and this is what the duo will succeed in achieving through their equal parts energy and insurmountable technical ability. As for the air, well the air is transparent, and this is where the emotions will fly high. And finally, on the sounds of the flaming beats, your energy with CamelPhat will be on fire, the final element of life. And as all these elements come together to bring to you an unrestrained feel-good vibe, the performance is unmatched on a universal level!

Not only do we talk the talk, but we walk it too. Knowing about these elements simply isn’t enough. Elements of Life will tackle your senses throughout the event in different forms to translate them as well. This includes mirrors, vibrant colors and shapes, spongy corridors with special scents, and finally, to hear the fervent sound that no other than CamelPhat can produce. So, don’t miss this heck of a performance for the world, one that’ll teleport your soul light years away, spinning your heart into an unstoppable melodic vortex, because after all, it’s all about love.   

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