From Closet Updates to Felucca Rides, Here’s How You Can Embrace Fall This Year

It’s official: summer 2020 is coming to an end. With the heat slowly fading away and being replaced with a soft breeze, it’s time for us to prepare and plan for the next season: fall. Although summer and winter are the most distinct seasons in Egypt, the time period between both seasons is our favorite, and fortunately, there are many ways we can enjoy it.


It’s always a good time for a picnic, isn’t it? Since the weather will be getting better, leaving cafes and indoor venues to enjoy some fresh air is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Pick up your friends or relatives, prepare your favorite meal, and head to your nearest park or zoo or even book a felucca on the Nile; nothing beats good weather in the middle of the Nile!

Seasonal closet swap

Change of weather means a change of closet. Start removing your summery clothes from your wardrobe and replacing them with demi-season clothes suitable for the breezy weather. And as a bonus, you can even collect the outfits that you no longer wear and put them out for donation.


One last trip to Sahel never hurt anybody! Whether you want to go spend the last few days of summer by the beach, or enjoy surfing, diving, or any kind of water activity, this is your best and last option before we start the cold winter.


It’s one of the toughest things to do during summer. Despite the health benefits of walking, summer can make it almost impossible to walk regularly, even if for a few minutes. So if you’ve been struggling to stay fit, or even just miss walking through the beautiful Downtown Cairo streets, now is the perfect time to get to that.

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