This French Bakery in Rehab City Is Your New Breakfast Spot

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While scouting C town for hidden food gems — specifically in Rehab City, my friend and I stumbled upon Ble Dore, a small French bakery we never knew we needed. We decided to give it a try, and it was worth it.

The place is very cozy, and the setting is perfect for a breakfast date. My favorite thing, however, was the cute tiny library they have that gives off encouraging vibes to read or study while having coffee.

We ordered a croissant with cheese omelette, and another one with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Oh, and we obviously also ordered their signature popcorn hot chocolate! Yes, you read that right, popcorn hot chocolate.

Our appetizers bring all the boys to the yard ??

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The fact that they bake all their goodies made us assume that they’ll be extra fresh, and we were never more right about anything. The croissants were so warm, soft and delicious.

We’re smelling something very pasta-licious ??

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The hot chocolate, on the other hand, was amazing — the exotic fusion of popcorn and chocolate were heaven to my taste buds. Upon leaving, I found out that they don’t just serve breakfast, but have an extended menu that contains this cheesy looking pasta you can see above.

WE SAID THIS: Something tells me that I’ll be going there soon.