Four Simple Ways to Help You Fall Asleep Fast!

Did you happen to wake up randomly at night? Well, many people do and it’s certainly not fun especially when you have to work or wake up early to take care of things. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help you get back to sleep and we’re going to talk about them below.

Sleep Environment

Before falling asleep it’s important to make sure that there is no light around as it can signal your brain to wake up, so make sure that the windows in your bedroom are entirely covered so that no light can pass through them. If you happen to have a night light, consider putting it in a hallway right outside of your bedroom instead as even small amounts of light can potentially interfere with your sleep.

Now, if you happen to wake up randomly during your sleep, do not turn on any lights at all. This goes with looking at your phone as well. It can be tempting for some to check the time or notifications of your phone, try to resist the urge as the blue light from the screen can make it difficult for you to fall back asleep.

Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation

If you randomly wake up at night, use your body to relax your brain and body. You can do this by trying progressive muscle relaxation. Work on one muscle group at a time, starting with your feet and going up towards your head. Be sure to breathe deeply during each contraction. Make sure to focus on areas of your body that hold the most stress, such as your back and neck. You can try doing this routine daily to help you sleep better at night. 

Tricks to Help You Sleep

If you can’t fall back asleep after a few minutes, try doing boring things like reciting movie scenes, poems that you’ve memorized as a kid, or even songs. You can also stare at the ceiling while listening to boring bedtime stories through podcasts on your smartphone. Another thing you can try is going on your smartphone and downloading apps that have a library of sleep sounds such as rain, beach waves, and more that you can listen to. Most apps offer free trials or samples of sounds that you can try before purchasing access to the full library. These apps can help you unwind and ease into sleep. The selections that several of these apps offer are often limitless especially when going with premium versions of the app, so you’ll never get bored listening to the same sounds every night. 

Sleep Supplements

Heck you can even take CBD PM by cbdMD while doing this to promote even more relaxation. This supplement says it contains CBD, melatonin, chamomile, valerian root extract, passionflower, cascade hops, lemon balm which is the perfect nighttime companion. There are many other sleep supplements on the market that can help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and get back to sleep to sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Waking up in the middle of the night can be very frustrating especially if you need to wake up early. Try doing these tips to help get you back to sleep. It’s important to also know when to ask for help. If this happens frequently, schedule an appointment with your doctor to figure out what’s causing the issue.

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