Fortnite Update Shows Potential for Midd​le East as an Online Gaming Hub

After experiencing severe connection problems for some time in the Middle East, Epic Games decided to update Fortnite so that players from the region were better catered for. With the free-to-play online game being one of the most influential offerings on the market right now, other developers may seek to follow suit and tap the potential in the Middle East. The online gaming and iGaming sectors are flourishing, and having more hold on this market will help them continue to boom further.

Fortnite gets Arabic Overhaul

When Fortnite was released in 2017 it took the world by storm and attracted more than 125 million players in its first year. The title has been updated numerous times since then, and usually undergoes a number of changes at the start of each season. It is now in the ninth season, which brought about some exciting additions for players in the Middle East. The update included support for the Arabic language, with in-game menus and features, all available in Arabic for the first time. There are also competitions, such as the New Cairo competition we announced on, cropping up in this region.

There were many problems with the servers in the Middle East in the past, and a lot of gamers had complained about lag during battles. According to, this issue has been addressed as well, with new servers being introduced to increase playing speeds. Middle Eastern players will appreciate Epic Games’ focus on improving their playing experience, and this could lead to the game getting even more attention than before. Other developers will be thinking about following suit and exploiting the growing market in the region.

Could online casino and bingo games become more popular?

The iGaming industry is almost certainly going to look to improve its influence in the Middle East, as it continues its impressive rise. Online casinos have boomed in popularity over the last ten years, thanks to the introduction of new and exciting ways of playing traditional games. For example, slot games have undergone an evolution since moving to an online setting. Other games that seemed to be going out of fashion, like bingo, have also made a comeback.

There are now numerous sites to choose from that specialist review sites such as have come about. They direct players to the best online bingo providers, as well as pointing them in the direction of promotions and offering playing advice.

Bingo has been completely refashioned to suit modern audiences, with more fast-paced varieties of the traditional game cropping up. There are also opportunities for players to socialize and play other games, including slots. Bingo developers have shown that they can attract new player demographics, like youngsters and men, and could now turn their attention to regions like the Middle East. Bingo is not normally associated with countries in the region, but this could change now that there are so many ways to play the game online.

The Middle East is likely to grow as a gaming hub over the next few years, and iGaming operators will try to capitalize on this.

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