Forgotten Behind Bars: Al Qassam Celebrates 9th Birthday Of Israeli Prisoner Shaul Aaron

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades  (Hamas) has shared a video about an Israeli prisoner Shaul Aron celebrating his ninth birthday in captivity. The caption on the post said: “Happy birthday, Shaul, in captivity…Happy birthday in captivity.”

Aron who was captured in 2014 has been announced dead or martyred by the Israeli military, while Hamas in its post has reminded the world of the once thought dead soldier. His detention in 2014 was amid July Israeli aggression on Gaza which he participated in, changing the course of his life.

In a letter addressed to the families of the detainees, al-Qassam warned: “To the families of the prisoners, your suffering with Netanyahu has not begun yet!”

Israeli prisoner Shaul Aron was born on December 27, 1993, and up to his capture lived in the Buria settlement in the Nazareth region of northern occupied Palestine. Aaron joined the ranks of the Israeli army, and worked in the elite brigade on the border with the Gaza Strip.

Aron’s family. according to Hebrew media reports, indicates that the last contact with him was two days before his capture. He told his mother over the phone just before entering Gaza, “I will return safely from Gaza, raising the flag.”

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